Help! I think I’ve lost something and it’s not pounds. For over a month now my weight has been yo-yoing up and down (mainly up) and I’ve not made any progress at all – I’ve lost my mojo. Every single day I start full of weightloss motivation and then someone brings in cake, or my alarm goes off and the lure of an extra 10 minutes in bed outweighs my desire to get up and prep a healthy lunch.


Then by the end of the day I think “I’ve blown it anyway so I might as well pick up a bag or two of Chocolate Buttons” (big “sharing” bags of course). I know I’m making excuses, I’m absolutely full of excuses but I don’t care enough to snap out of it, I’ve already failed so what’s the point?  All that motivation has vanished….

Help – how do I get my weightloss motivation back?

When I put on weight for the second week in a row (and that was after a week where I knew I’d been lucky to stay the same) it shook me up. There have been plenty of weeks in the past where I’ve put weight on, but never 2 in a row. I knew that unless I did something drastic I was in danger of giving up completely. So I asked for help. Actually, when I say I asked for help what I mean is; I sent Jennie a panicky text telling her I’d lost control and needed an urgent intervention before I ate my own body weight in Dairy Milk, but I reckon that passes as asking for help.
I don’t know quite what I expected her to do? Follow me round the supermarket and rugby tackle me if I showed signs of going down the confectionery aisle? Or maybe give me a pint of of that precious weightloss motivation and stand over me while I downed it?

padlock fridge
What she actually did was tell me to calm down and stop being so hard on myself. She reminded me that I’ve had a lot of quite emotionally difficult stuff going on with close relatives being in hospital at opposite ends of the country, and a very poorly cat. She reminded me that I need to look after me as well as worrying about everyone else. That actually really helped. As did Jennie pointing out that nobody is perfect and that EVERYONE eats the wrong things sometimes, or gets a bit lazy and loses motivation. The important thing to realise is that you can take that energy you’ve been using to beat yourself up with and use it to get yourself back on track.


Trying something different

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do. A couple of weeks ago I had a little splurge on stationery and got myself a nice new notebook and some coloured pens. I even got some cute weightloss motivation stickers (who doesn’t love new stationery and stickers?) and then I got started. As well as using the notebook for some proper meal planning, I’ve been using it as a diary and making sure I have scheduled times for exercise. I’ve been planning in some “me” time too, that might be date night with the husband, or an hour on my own to do some sewing. I feel so much better for it.


my new stationary helping me find my weightloss motivation

I’ve also written myself a couple of little notes that I can read when I’m having a wobble:

Know your enemy

know your enemy
For me I know the biggest danger times are when I get home from work and when I stop at Motorway services. They’re the times I’m tempted to binge on rubbish. I’m always hungry when I get home from work, so I need a strategy to deal with that – that means healthy snacks in the fridge and not stopping anywhere I can pick up chocolate on my way home.

Motorway services are a bit different. I’m seldom really hungry when I’m in the car, but I do find driving REALLY boring, and when I get bored I want a little treat to cheer myself up… sound familiar? I find this one a bit more difficult to deal with but I’ve come up with a few ideas to try. The first idea is audiobooks, to stop me getting bored (anyone got any good suggestions by the way?). Another is changing the services I stop at to avoid the outlets I really can’t resist.

Recognize your excuses

We all make excuses to ourselves, knowing I’m doing it and recognising when I’m doing it has made ignoring those excuses much, much easier. All of a sudden that “I’m tired” or “I don’t have time” stops being a reason to eat what I want, and I have to think about why I REALLY want something. As Jennie says “If hunger isn’t the problem then food isn’t the answer”
So, how am I getting on? Well, I’ve been keeping up with my journal quite well, what difference has it made? Well, let’s just say that I’ve lost all the weight I’d gained in the month before and I’m now 1.5lb ahead so I’d say that’s a win and I’ve found my weightloss motivation again.

Maria x

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