Throughout March I am going to weigh everyday, 4 times a day Read on to find out why

Why am I going to weigh everyday? 

We have a motto here at set U free: “Awesome Isn’t Measured in Pounds” People often ask me what it means, and I tell them that I have weighed 9 stone and been miserable and hated myself, and I have been 11 stone and thought I am a sexy bad ass!

Somewhere over the years of yoyo dieting and several body transformations, I have managed to realise that the scales are not always an accurate reflection of how I feel about myself, or about my current lifestyle choices. I preach this to my clients day in, day  out. Don’t judge your success just on what the scales say. Yet all too often it falls on deaf ears.

I have helped hundreds of people to shape a healthier lifestyle for themselves,  I watch them grow in confidence, watch their bodies become smaller and tighter, and see them get fitter, healthier and happier in every area of their life. They feel awesome… until they get on the scales. Despite everything else telling them what they are doing is working, despite feeling amazing, they hang their measure of success, self worth and confidence purely on what the scales tell them. Either they haven’t lost as much as they thought, or would liked, or would have expected, or sometimes its just not budging at all.

I will comfort, and console, and sometimes get frustrated as I try remind people- that number is one measure, and not the most accurate one. But people will write off a whole week of healthy choices as having been worthless because the scales haven’t reflected what they wanted to see  after a week! And for some people going a whole week without weighing themselves is a challenge. I will often have people come to me defeated and say; I have been really good, but half way through the week I had gained a pound, ad then it all went wrong.

It is so frustrating I want to scream, but I don’t. Because the truth is; I know how they feel. I have been that person driven by the scales. I used to weigh myself everyday, sometimes (correction often) I would weight myself more than once a day. And it only ever led to one place… the biscuit tin. So much so I now call it the scales biscuit continuum.  This is where we get on the scales, see we gained a pounds an think ‘f*ck it I will have a biscuit’ or we get on the scales, see we lost a pound and think ‘get in I can relax, and celebrate with a biscuit’.

The sad truth is, that getting disheartened or frustrated  by what the scales say is often what makes losing weight harder, and often what causes people to quit. Its the most backward logic ever, but we don’t see the results we want straight away – so we give in all together.

I am not one to advocate binning the scales all together. Especially not if you have a substantial amount of body fat to lose. I think keeping a general eye on weight lost can be a huge motivator. The problem is, the importance people lay on the results of the scales on a week by week (or worse a day by day) basis.

So I am going to run a little experiment, and every day in March I am going to weigh myself 4 times a day to show how varied that number can be.

The rules of the weigh everyday experiment.

  • I will weigh myself 4 times day, every day. No more or less. I decided 4 times a day was enough to see variety, but not enough for me to start getting obsessive (a genuine concern)
  • I will aim to split the weigh in’s evenly through the day. Due to my busy and irregular working pattern  I couldn’t find set times I could always commit to, and I am interested to see if certain things do effect weight in the way we tell ourselves.
  • I will make note of my weight, which scales I am using; anything notable that may have effected my weight; and my personal response at each weigh in.
  • I will document all of my weigh-ins on twitter using the hashtag #weigheveryday follow me @setUfreefit to keep up to date with the results.

Where am I now

Currently I weigh myself maybe 1-2 times a week, usually to test the scales before someone else gets on them! I don’t tend to get upset about the results, but it does sometimes surpirse or puzzle me. So I will be genuinely be interested myself to see how much it varies day to day, and what things effect it.

So currently I feel pretty happy with my body shape and size. I know I must be somewhere around middle-top end of what I call my personal healthy weight range. For me, my healthy weight range is between about 10st 4lbs (144lbs) and 11 stone (154lbs). A good 10lbs window which I generally do fluctuate up and down in. Anything under 10.4 I start getting comments about looking gaunt, and over 11 stone my jeans feel snug. That is typically how I keep an eye on my shape.

As I am at the higher end of my personal range, and it does tend to be people trying to lose weight who obsessively weigh, I will through March focus on making some diet adjustments and consciously to try lose weight. I will aim for just 1lb a week- well within the expected healthy rate of weight loss.

So lets see what the scales really show us! Let me know your thoughts and if you will be following my little experiment. Do you weigh yourself everyday? How does it effect you? 

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Jennie x