Ever achieved a goal, then hit a bit of a slump? Suddenly felt unmotivated? Well that was me after the TriathlonI’d achieved my goal and though I was happy I did it, I quickly felt a bit disconnected.

So I need to set a new goal then?

Training, preparing, worrying and boring everyone about the traithlon took up such a big part of my life that I felt a bit lost without it. It wasn’t anything I could pin down but I definitely felt a bit…..meh. So what to do? The obvious thing was set myself a new goal, but what?

I could do another triathlon and aim to go faster? I could try a longer distance triathlon, or maybe I could sign up for a marathon? The problem with that is that they all feel like a bit of a dead end. After all, I won’t just keep getting faster and faster for the rest of my life, and once I’ve worked up to doing an Ironman what do I do after that? (Though to be fair, looking at what an Ironman involves I could have that as a goal for ever more and never achieve it!)

That’s not to say I won’t do another triathlon, I’m just not going to make it a big goal. I needed a goal that was something different, something new to keep me interested, maybe even something that scares me a bit. And that’s where I got a bit stuck.

I couldn’t come up with anything that felt like a proper goal. I was tempted to just say I’d do a marathon, mainly so I had something to tell people, but it’s not something I’m passionate about. I don’t even really want to do one that much, so what’s the point? Even a blind optimist like me knows that’s got ‘failure’ written all over it.

goals 3

What’s my “Big Why”?

Then I was moaning to David about how I was struggling to come up with some new goals and he said ‘what’s your big why? ‘

Eh? My big Why? That’s obvious isn’t? I want to lose weight and get fit!

‘Yes’ he replied ‘But why do you want to lose weight and get fit?’

And that really stumped me. I had loads of little reasons; I want to wear nice clothes, I want to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, I don’t want a seat belt extender when I go on a plane, but none of them felt like my Big Why. Then I started thinking about how being overweight made me feel. and what had triggered me feeling like that. Once I’d got a few things on the list it was immediately obvious that I did know what my Big Why was after all.

best years

When Fitness Goals become Life Goals

I want to stop missing out. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve turned down invitations, said no to things and made excuses all because I was too scared I wouldn’t be able to do it or I’d look stupid. Once I realised that I had no problem with coming up with goals, they just needed to relate to things I want to do in “real life”.
So in no particular order, here’s my new goals – some should be pretty quick to achieve, others will take longer and I’ll probably have to add in extra “mini goals” along the way but that’s ok

Goal 1; Master a proper push up
And then a chin up and a pull up
Why? Partly so I can wear sleeveless tops and look hot but mainly so I can do a parachute jump – apparently you need quite a lot of upper body strength for that!

Goal 2; Drop another dress size by the end of October
Why? We’ve booked a table at a very expensive Michelin star restaurant to celebrate my birthday at the end of October, I’ve bought myself a very nice dress to wear in a size smaller than I currently am…

Goal 3; Work on building my cardio strength and endurance on the bike
·Why? I’ve always wanted to do the coast to coast bike ride.  I’m aiming for next summer. I also really want to watch sunrise from the top of the Haleakala Volcano in Maui and then ride back down again. We went to Maui on our honeymoon and I didn’t take the opportunity to do it then.  I’m determined we’ll go back for our 10th Anniversary and I’ll do it this time

maui sunset

Sunrise from the top of Haleakala. From hawaii-guide.com

So that lot should keep me busy for a while! What goals have you set yourself? And what is your big why for wanting to lose weight or get fitter?

Maria x

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