Many of us treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. Even if we drive a pretty naff old banger, we appreciate it gets us around and so we do the necessary maintenance to keep it road worthy. Unfortunately, the same is not always true for bodies. We long of a better model, but don’t do the basic works to look after the one we have. But the simple truth is; if you look after your body, give it that little bit of daily maintenance and the odd service, you will almost definitely find it runs a lot smoother, and you will respect and appreciate it a bit more.

And the good news is: you don’t have to practice perfect body ownership to keep yourself road worthy. Here are our top tips for keeping you on the road and reducing the risk of breakdowns!


Step 1: Practice good driving techniques.

Driving manically, at high speeds, constantly over accelerating and heavy breaking will cause your car to wear down more quickly and increase the risk of breakdowns and accidents.

Life is busy and manic, we all have places to be and things to do but rushing everywhere at full speed won’t help you in the long run. If you end up with a breakdown and off the road for a short time, then you won’t be going anywhere. Rest when you need to, work within the limits of your body physically and mentally. It’s OK to push a bit harder on the gas now and then, really test your body and see what it can do, but too much of this will blow a gasket. Sit back and enjoy more of the view, appreciate what is going on around you even when you’re parked on the drive.


Step 2: Keep up with regular maintenance.

Adhering to a regular schedule of vehicle maintenance will help ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Many maintenance jobs can be done yourself such as checking tyre pressure, oil and water levels.

Keeping on top of everyday maintenance will help ensure your body runs more efficiently. Most of these you can do yourself. Simple things like trying to keep good sleep habits, staying well hydrated, and keeping active will all improve how well your body performs day to day and reduce the risk of break downs.


Step 3: For larger or more complex work use a qualified professional you trust

You may feel confident to complete some larger maintenance jobs yourself, but if you are not sure make sure to use a qualified and reliable mechanic. Particularly if you are concerned about critical components of your vehicle such as your brakes, tyres or engine.

Eating a balanced diet or creating a new exercise plan may be within your capabilities, but if you are not sure or have concerns about your health then be sure to seek help from an appropriately qualified person.  You wouldn’t take your car to a guy whose mechanical experience is based on driving a nice car. Just because someone has a great body doesn’t mean they know how to appropriately help manage yours.

car service

Step 3: Get a regular service 

The frequency of servicing required will depend on the type and age of the vehicle, and your driving style. Whilst servicing may seem costly, it is worth investing in a regular service to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Servicing your body could mean; a relaxing holiday, a weekend away, or even just a few hours doing something you find restful and relaxing. If you have a pretty busy or stressful life you may require more regular rest, and you may need someone to remind you to schedule them in. As you get older, ensure you have a regular health MOT with your GP.


Step 4: Be aware to signs of wear and tear, and don’t ignore your check engine light.

Be aware to common signs of wear and tear on your vehicle. Inspect it regularly and listen out for any unusual noises or changes in the driving performance.  If at any time you have reason for concern or your engine light illuminates, then ensure you get it checked out.

Sadly, your body doesn’t have a check engine light so you need to look out for signs of wear and tear.  Small aches and pains may seem irrelevant but ignoring them and trying to carry on at full speed could cause them to escalate to more major problems, which may eventually leave you out of action. Simple problems like back ache or feeling tense and tired can often be easily resolved with early intervention.

breakdown happen

Step 5: Accept that accidents and breakdowns happen occasionally

Even if you practice excellent vehicle maintenance some accidents and breakdowns cannot be avoided. Accept that these are out of your control, and whilst it may be frustrating being off the road for a while, its important to ensure your vehicle is in proper working order again before getting back to driving it.   

It doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you are, sometimes accidents and illnesses happen. Even if you practice good body maintenance you can’t avoid some injuries, and even the occasional mechanical failure. Whilst this is extremely frustrating, stay positive and ensure you are back to good working order before getting back out on the road.


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About the author

I am Jennie, a freelance Fitness Writer and Personal Trainer, passionate about making fitness fun and accessible to everyone. I specialise in helping people who have physical or mental barriers to exercise, and I am passionate about helping people learn to accept and trust their body regardless to its size! I currently live in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my partner and our 3 ginger cats. Find me on facebook, or Instagram @setUfreefitness