My top tip for body acceptance: think of your body like your car. You don’t have to love everything about it and it doesn’t have to be a top line sports car for you to appreciate it.

Much like bodies, cars come in all shapes, sizes, ages and performance abilities. Some people are blessed with a naturally sleek and elegant sports chassis, whilst some of us are more rugged and built for all-terrain.

The problem is too many of us feel like were supposed to have the body equivalent of a Ferrari. The fitness industry is a big player in pedalling this BS. Lots of genetically blessed people making us feel like we can achieve the same body- if we just work hard enough. But I am here to tell you; your body does not need to be a Ferrari. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Transit Van, a well-used taxi, a vintage classic, or a midrange saloon with a large boot. They are all road worthy and if you can get from A to B doing whatever you need to in your everyday life; then it’s just perfect.

Sure having a Ferrari-body has its moments, people say nice things and you can cruise around lapping up attention (good and bad). If you have a Ferrari then good on ya; you have every right to enjoy it and show it off. What Ferrari owners often won’t tell you though is that the practicalities and reality of it can be a ball ache.

There’s a lot of on-going maintenance to keep a Ferrari looking top shape. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford this work and maybe outsource some of it, then it doesn’t seem a chore, but for most people, we simply don’t have the expendable time or money in our life. And whilst you think owning a Ferrari will bring you unparalleled joy, you are mistaken. Because the minute you get one someone rocks up with an exclusive edition McLaren and instantly you long for an upgrade.

It’s OK to have a dream car, but you have to remember; some people are just born with Ferraris. And whilst we feel everyone else is driving around in a much better model than ours, if you look really closely you will see all-sorts of models on the road, and most have little dings and traces of wear and tear, just like ours.

It is OK to want to upgrade slightly, maybe do some modifications to sex up the outside, make it look a bit newer or shinier. But what is much more critical is making sure that everything under the bonnet is working well. Because the truth is having a healthy and able body is much like owning a car; it brings us unparalleled amounts of freedom and opportunity if you simply appreciate it and look after it a bit.

And the good news is, if you own a mid-line, practical-run-around then you don’t have to do that much maintenance to keep it roadworthy. Check out our: Universal Owner’s Manual for Your Body.


What model are you driving? 

Do you respect and appreciate it even if its not top spec? 

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 IMG_6528About the author

I am Jennie, a freelance Fitness Writer and Personal Trainer, passionate about making fitness fun and accessible to everyone. I specialise in helping people who have physical or mental barriers to exercise, and I am passionate about helping people learn to accept and trust their body regardless to its size! I currently live in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my partner and our 3 ginger cats. Find me on facebook, or Instagram @setUfreefitness