Private studio

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  • No crowds
  • No feeling watched or judged
  • No complicated machines
  • No scary looking equipment
  • No standing about wondering what to do

set U free is based from our own private fitness studio in Leeds, we call it The Launch Pad.

The Launch Pad is only open for one-to-one sessions, and small group classes, creating a friendly and private space where you feel comfortable and welcomed. You can sweat, swear, jiggle, and take it at your own pace without feeling embarrassed, intimidated or pressured.

We are passionate about making exercise fun, so we aim to make every session challenging, but enjoyable. We work closely with you to find out what types of exercise you are good at, and what you enjoy.

The Launch Pad is kitted out with a variety of simple but effective equipment, to suit all levels and abilities. Check out the pictures above for just a taste of the many different types of activity we do in sessions.