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set U free is more than a fitness studio, we are a community. We support, inspire and motivate each other. We meet as a crew regularly for social events, challenges, group training sessions and charity fundraisers.  Our crew come from all backgrounds.  We are different sizes, ages and abilities working together as a team.

We are dedicated to creating a place where people can learn how to become fitter, healthier and more confident in a safe, realistic and empowering way.

Alone we are strong, together we are stronger. Come join us and feel awesome!




Jennie Gadsby – Founder and Head PT 


Jennie’s genuine compassion for people, and passion for fitness is as phenomenal as her own weight loss and fitness journey.  The only way to fully understand the set U free philosophy is to hear this remarkable story from Jennie herself.  Read it here. Be prepared to be motivated and inspired!

From not owning a pair of trainers, Jennie is now an advanced personal trainer specialising in obesity and diabetes management, injury rehabilitation, exercise with medical conditions, exercise for managing menopause and pre & post natal fitness.

After changing her own life in incredible ways, Jennie is passionate about helping others do the same.  She has an unprecedented ability to bring the best out of everyone she meets.

My job is pretty simple, I make people feel better about themselves. I help people feel awesome, because when they do, they can achieve all their goals- no matter how impossible they seem” – Jennie.



Claire – Personal Trainer 

claire Claire joined the crew in November 2019. We know you will love her super friendly approach, and contagious enthusiasm. She delivers fun, energetic sessions which are challenging and always varied.

She is passionate about helping women restore their self-esteem, confidence in their body, and general feeling of all around awesomeness, by combining fitness coaching with support to shift your mindset.

Claire delivers 1-2-1 sessions, small group sessions and ladies only classes.

I believe that working on the inside and the outside together puts you on a path to lifelong success