We have been feeling really inspired by head PT and set U free fitness founder Jennie Gadsby while she was on holiday in Las Vegas last week.

We have been excitedly watching her Instagram page to see how she stayed fit and motivated while away in the indulgence capital of the world – Sin City. We saw lots of delicious food, decadent drinks and some incredible sights on her Instagram, but like Jen always says “It’s all about balance”. We were so happy to see motivational images of her working out and spending some quality down time with her family.


20161002_140744Staying Active on Holiday 

Staying active to try balance out the generous portions & my inability to resist cocktails😜✌🏽️ 6am workout done- lovely gym @luxorLV did some weights and a good stretch as I’m still stiff from travelling. Picked a brunch spot at the other end of the strip and now walking there with a black coffee“.  @setUfreefit_Jen 

We can enjoy brunch as long as we have a nice brisk daily walk, getting between sights is always nice on foot, maybe even head to the gym if we are feeling energetic. Plus when you have super cute workout leggings, it always helps!





20161002_140711Eating On Holiday.

“Bringing you a little#mondaymojomovement from Vegas- the city of sin, the land of crazy food concoctions and huge portions. Yep, this is going to be a high calorie, high fat, big junk fuelled week. But I ain’t feeling guilty about it … Why? Cos it’s all just food! Some of its healthier than others, some of it is more nutritious than others, but also some of its more delicious than others!!! Putting labels on food and labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘on plan’ or ‘clean’ or ‘a cheat’ just adds emotional labels, and puts certain foods out of reach and off limits. And trust me, that’s a dangerous game! I’m sure many of us with a weight problem know that we have enough emotional struggles with food, and that as soon as you make anything off limits we want it even more!!! So I’ll keep making healthy choices when I can, I’ll keep active, but i’ll also enjoy some cheesy nachos, beef sliders, stacks of buttermilk pancakes, frozen desserts, creamy cocktails and whatever else Vegas throw at me! It’s not a green light to eat what I want, just letting myself enjoy it without guilt. Cos at the end of the day- it is just food! It’s not worth punishing yourself over no matter what you do with it!” @setUfreefit_Jen

So when on holiday, just enjoy! Holidays are for well-earned rest and relaxation so don’t make the holiday a regimented time of restraint. Enjoy every second and know that you will get back to being just a little more sensible when you are done treating yourself.


Keeping M20161002_140728otivated And Inspired

“Find someone to share all your journeys with. Vegas was our first ever foreign holiday together and since then we have lost a combined 160lbs and travelled to every corner of the world ✈️🌍❤️ soulmates”. @setUfreefit_Jen   

Remember how far you have come. We should celebrate the little victories in life. Remember there was a time in your life where you felt unhappy and you took the decision to change some aspects of yourself style. That in itself is progress. Whether you have lost 1pound to date or 100 pounds, life is a journey and you are doing awesome!



What is the moral of the story you ask? Stress less, let’s make like Jen and try to take a more relaxed view on this health and fitness journey. Life is totally a balance and everything good in moderation. Finally we learn we must follow her on Instagram! 😉