Fitness can be confusing: pregnancy can be confusing and scary. Combine the two and you have a mind-field of worry!  We offer a unique pre-natal service for mums-to-be; tailored 1-2-1 sessions in a private space.

Research proves that staying active during pregnancy has numerous amazing benefits for both mum and baby; but how do you know what is safe? Doesn’t matter if its your first or fifth pregnancy, knowing what exercise you can or should be doing can be confusing, and worrying. We are here to help take away all those worries, with specialist advise and friendly support.

Our head PT Jennie has undertaken advanced training in pre-natal and postnatal fitness, and can guide you through every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.  It doesn’t matter if you were active before getting pregnant; exercise is an important part of managing your health and well-being at this precious time.

We have special reduced rates on sessions between 9am-3pm Monday- Friday with 1-2-1 sessions starting at just £30.



Here is what some of our mum-to-be crew have said:


I have hypermobility and osteoarthritis, and during my first pregnancy I was in agony with the pain. Then when I found out I was pregnant again, I knew I needed to do something to help. I feel too rushed or like I am being judged at a gym, and I had no idea what sort of exercise I could or should be doing when pregnant. As soon as I met Jennie I knew I was in safe hands. It was nice being in a private space and she knew exactly what I needed to do to help keep me mobile during my pregnancy. She tailored all the workouts to how I was feeling, I felt so reassured in mind and body. The pain was so much more manageable with my second pregnancy, I can’t recommend her enough!

Sarah and Lottie

I had already been training with Jennie for a couple of years when I found out I was pregnant but and didn’t hesitate to carry on. Jennie is so knowledgeable and supportive. She adjusted all my workouts accordingly, and I was able to stay active throughout pregnancy, literally up until the day I went in to labour! I think it helped me have a really healthy pregnancy and easier delivery. Once my little girl was here I was raring to get back to it. Jennie helped my body recover, and it’s so ideal being able to bring Lottie along. It’s meant I can actually fit in some good exercise tailored to me. Now Lottie is older she loves getting involved and I love that I am setting a healthy example for my daughter.