No need to worry about childcare! We offer a unique post-natal service for mums; 1-2-1 training in a safe and private studio, where kids are welcome too.

Parent and baby groups are a great way to meet other mums, but sometimes you just need that down time, and something all about you. We know you are so much more than just a mum, and you deserve to put yourself first. Looking after yourself is key; happy mum-happy kids!

We offer specialist post-natal support for new mums, helping you get back to feeling yourself. We understand the physical and psychological changes of becoming a mum, and we adapt sessions to suit you.  Our head PT Jennie is trained in post-natal fitness, so can safely modify exercise plans to suit new mums.

Our private studio offers a safe space, for you to bring babies and children of all ages but still get one-to-one support. We work with you to find a way that is comfortable for you. We welcome kids of all ages, and have plenty of things to keep them amused, or fun ways to get them involved.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our mum crew say:

Kelly and Tallulah 

I struggle massively with childcare, and being to bring my daughter along it the only way I can actually do any exercise. Jennie really pushes me and knows what I am capable of. I love the private gym as going to a public gym I feel conscious of how I look. Jennie has really boosted my confidence and I love seeing the results.

Lyndsey, Annie and Bridg

I have had a bad back for almost 15 years after a serious car accident. I had NHS physio for years and just about managed on lots of painkillers. Then came my first pregnancy. My back went at 26 weeks and I had to have weekly physio which wasn’t great. Then came pregnancy number 2, and it got so much worse. I had significant pain, and was left with back spasms from the spinal injection. Whilst off on maternity I realised I had to do something or I wasn’t going to be able to run around with my kids.

That’s when I found set U free and Jennie. She is so patient and understanding, and wasn’t at all phased by a new mum with a very interested 3 year old and a baby in tow. My weekly mobilisation sessions have changed my life. It’s massively helped my back, and my asthma, and I have hugely reduced the amount of medication I require. Every sessions is customised to my needs and my various aches and pains. Jennie cares about you as a person and always has helpful advice on things to do between sessions to improve my mobility and my general wellbeing.

I never have to worry about the kids whilst I am there, they love going! Jennie helps keep them amused and sometimes they like to join in. I don’t know where I would be without Jennies patience and expertise, but I definitely wouldn’t be as active as I am.