Lifestyle coaching can support and help you with a wide range of health and fitness goals, through friendly, private discussions. Lifestyle coaching can help if you are;

  • wanting to take control of difficult eating habits such as comfort eating or emotional eating,
  • looking for a more balanced and healthy diet,
  • needing to manage a medical condition such as diabetes or obesity, or
  • just wanting to get a better understanding of nutrition or healthy eating. 

This is not a fad diet or a quick fix solution. This is a specialist service tailored for people serious about making a lifetime change.

Lifestyle coaching  provides an in-depth review of your diet and lifestyle through private, friendly discussions. Sessions can be done from your own home, from the privacy of the Launch Pad or via Skype.

The aim of lifestyle coaching is to identify the route of your ongoing problems and then to make gradual, realistic changes leading to a long-term solution. 

During your first consultation we will discuss areas such as your relationship with food, your habits and behaviors, barriers and challenges to success, and your strengths and opportunities. Allow up to 2 hours. We then follow it up with a further session about 7-10 days later, which is included in the initial review cost.

Initial review: £120
Further sessions: £35
12 week personal weight loss coaching package including ongoing support between sessions: £450.