The benefits of exercise far extend the physical changes. Research has proven over and over again, that regular physical activity can massively contribute towards improved mental health and well-being. Yet many of us don’t prioritize this essential self-care.

We have worked with lots of people, helping them tailor exercise to their needs. We can incorporate practices and methods from yoga, meditation, tai-chi, mindfulness and body led movement to create activity sessions that leave you feeling restored, energised and refreshed.


If you suffer from a  mental health condition, then getting started with exercise can seem intimidating or even overwhelming. We understand this, and have the skills, patience and understanding to help you learn to move your body in positive ways, build exercise confidence and discover ways of being active that you feel safe and comfortable with.

Our private fitness studio offers a safe space free from judgement and prejudice. We will work with you as an individual to ensure you feel comfortable at all stages; from the moment you contact us, threw to your first session and beyond. We respect the additional challenges and barriers to exercise with mental health problems, and will listen to you and respect your personal boundaries and requirements.

We have a number of local counselors, therapists and pyschotherapist who confidently refer clients to us, knowing they will be treated with respect and additional care and consideration.

Here are some of the conditions we have experience with:

  • chronic stress
  • generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • social anxiety disorder
  • depression
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • postnatal depression
  • disordered eating and eating disorders