A professional review of your current diet and eating habits. If you are wanting to to lose weight, improve your health, or just feel better about yourself, then a nutritional review will offer the support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. This is not a set nutritional plan, we work together to make realistic changes to your  lifestyle which can be maintained long term. We take into account your personal preferences, any dietary requirements, your routine and personal circumstances.

Step 1 – We meet for an initial 45 minute consultation, in which we discuss your current food and lifestyle choices, and explain the process of keeping a food journal. This can be done at the Launch Pad, your  home, or online.

Step 2 – You will need to keep a photo food journal for a minimum of 5 days consecutive days. We explain how to do this in the first meeting.

Step 3 – We meet for a 90 minute consultation in which we feed back on  your current diet and lifestyle choices. We also give you a brief explanation to key areas of nutrition to help you better understand how to make healthier choices. We then work together to make suggestions, and put in plans for change on how to adjust your nutritional choices to suit your health and fitness goals.

If you later feel you need some further support and help then additional sessions are just £35.

A nutritional review is great for people who:

  • Believe they are already following a healthy diet, but are not getting the results they want
  • Have some knoweldge of healthy eating, but would more clarification on different areas of nutrition
  • Are looking for some inspiration on healthy meals or snacks
  • Need help working out how to fit a healthy diet in to a busy schedule
  • Looking to tailor their nutrition to their goals such as when training for an event.

Nutritional review – £120.
Additional sessions – £35.