When you think of weight loss inspiration what do you imagine? Do you think of amazing before and after weight loss articles, do you imagine motivational quotes set on the background picture of a beach or a woman running  (or to be extra inspiring a woman running on a beach). But do these things really inspire us? Maybe, in some small way, but recently I have come to realise the power of real life inspiration from the people around me, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the people who inspire my on-going healthy journey healthy lifestyle.

 We search out weight loss inspiration all the time. Maybe not consciously googling it, but we are drawn to it. We search women’s magazines to find out the celebrity secrets of how some member of TOWIE shifted two stone. We read the amazing life transforming weight loss success stories of strangers wanting to know how they did it. But do these things really inspire us? Do they stimulate our hearts and souls and force us to action? Do they make us want to make a change, do they support us, guide us and keep us going on our own journeys? Have you ever put down closer magazine and thought, right that’s it, if Jennifer Anniston can look that awesome then so can I, and then gone and done something about it?

 I am inspired daily by hard-working, dedicated, passionate women who I have the good fortune of working with, training, being friends with, or even related to. They inspire me, surprise me, motivate me and keep me going on my own weight loss journey, and they don’t even know it. So I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the real inspiration in my life, to the women who keep me on track with my own healthy journey.

On of my favourite inspirational quotes, and I don't even think its inspiration as much as a great philosophy on following a healthy lifestyle.

On of my favourite inspirational quotes, and I don’t even think its inspiration as much as a great philosophy on following a healthy lifestyle.


Thanks to M who turned up to my Intro to Weights class for the first time wearing a huge leg brace complete with metal pins. She said to me: “I can’t run, but I can push and lift, and I got to start back somewhere”! Yes you do, and yes you did lady. You didn’t let that injury stop you, and you inspired me to realise that when one exercise door closes another opens up. Now if my knee aches and I can’t run, I don’t sit about feeling sorry for myself, I will pick up some weights and do an upper body weight session.

Thank you to my sister. Jess spends most her time rushing between hospital appointments for my gorgeous niece Darcy who is a TSC warrior, and the rest of her time caring for my other two cheeky nieces. Until just last year she had never run or jogged in her life, she didn’t own a pair of jogging bottoms, let alone a decent pair of trainers. Last year she decided she wanted to start repaying some of the amazing chraities who have supported her and Darcy by raising money. So she set started running.  She struggled, she wheezed, she suffered injuries, and yet she pushed on. She squeezed in runs at whatever time she could between her care duties and hospital visits. And Jess than a year later she ran her first half marathon! Jess, you amaze me how you get through the week, let alone take on such a mammoth task. Well done, I am very proud of you. You inspire me to not let excuses, or life get in the way. If you want it enough, you will find the time and you will make it happen.

I have never been able to do handstands, and was always too scared to try. Inspired by all the set U free crew pushing boundaries everyday I am not giving in until I master them!

I have never been able to do handstands, and was always too scared to try. Inspired by all the set U free crew pushing boundaries everyday I am not giving in until I master them!


Thanks to J who started her fitness journey in her late 50s and is in best shape of her life! J came to me at set U free conscious of her excess skin after losing over 5 stone. She was worried that at 56 she was too late to get started with exercising. We took it slow to start, but soon she was itching to progress. Sometimes she will joke and say: “I’m not in my 20s you know, I am not sure I can do that”. But she never fails to try and nine times out of ten, she can do it. Now age 57 J is smashing out burpees, push-ups, high interval cardio intervals, and some advanced core training that most ladies in their 20s would be proud to do. J you inspire me to try even when I doubt my own capabilities, and I will always remember that you are never too old to start.

Thanks you to my Weight Watchers clerks who help run my meetings. Firstly just thanks for volunteering your time and energy the meetings couldn’t run without you. But more so, thanks for reminding me to celebrate all the little victories. All my clerks take such genuine pleasure and excitement in seeing other people succeed, not matter how small the victory may be. Even when they have had a tough week themselves, they smile and whoop when someone else has seen success on or off the scales. Thank you guys for reminding me the excitement in my job, and for reminding me that every little victory is worth celebrating. Every half a pound, very inch lost, every day in control they are all victories and they are worth celebrating.

Thanks to my friend N whose stubbornness sometimes works in her favour. A few months ago she asked me to go along with her to a pole fitness session. N won’t mind me saying that after 4 babies she isn’t very happy with her body at the moment, and was conscious about joining a pole class in the worry they are all fit and skinny. So we went along for a private session, and safe to say it was hard. I have some experience of pole fitness and I found it hard.  I assured N that it had been a tough session, and there were more easy moves we could have tried. But N didn’t enjoy it the way she hoped, she was embarrassed at how much she couldn’t do and was covered in terrible, terrible bruises that ached for days and days. Had that been me I would have just given in and written it off being not for me. Not N!! I am not sure if it’s her stubbornness, her competitiveness, or just her ball busting, won’t take no for an answer attitude that made her find another instructor, book another session and get back on that pole. And guess what, she loved it, we both did and we can’t wait to get back to Trixsters in Bradford for our next session. Thanks N for inspiring me to not give in, no matter how much it hurts. I know you’re thinking that some of those moves seem impossible to you now, but I also know you wont give in until you do it.                            

Finally, thank you to all the set U free crew and Weight Watchers members who have signed up to do Pretty Muddy on 30th May. 8 of us are taking  it on together, and safe to say none of the ladies signed up eagerly. Massive thanks to R who just last year had a hysterectomy after fighting her own battle with cancer. She has only just been OK’ed to exercise and is taking on this beast of a challenge. R, you are so positive, you inspire me to keep positive and keep smiling, no matter what. Also thanks to L- who has put aside her intense dislike of running, heights, getting muddy, having her picture taken and wearing pink to take part. I got to admit bird I was a little shocked when you agreed to take part, but thank you. You inspired me not to dismiss things off-hat, even it doesn’t seem our usual cup of coffee, give it a try.

And yes I am going to take the cheap shot and ask that if you have a few pounds to spare to sponsor our team completing Pretty Muddy 5km on Saturday then we would be hugely grateful. All money goes to Cancer Research amazing work to help bet cancer sooner. You can donate her:e www.justgiving.com/setufree.

Or you can donate via text. To give just £2 take out your phone and text WWSF99 £2 to 70070. If you can spare a little more then just replace the £2 with your donation amount.

Thank you ladies, all of you for being real life weight loss and fitness inspiration. You guys inspire me to challenge myself, to never give in, to try new things, to push new boundaries, to celebrate every victory and keep going.

Jennie x

I am Jennie, founder of set U free fitness. I lost 7 stone with Weight watchers, and then transformed my body trough exercise. This blog is my ongoing journey to stay healthy and happy. It is written from the heart based on my own real life experiences, including the mistakes I make, and the lessons I learn. I love to hear from people undergoing their own transformations. So please comment below, or get in touch. 

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