Our ethos

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Awesome isn’t measured in pounds

We are not like most other gyms and fitness brands. We don’t believe in restrictive diets or punishing exercise regimes. We believe in supporting people in ways that feel positive and empowering. We believe there are much better ways to measure success than scales and measurements, and so we help you see beyond ‘weight loss’ to create a lifestyle that is healthy and fulfilling. Quite simply, we help people feel awesome.

  • Awesome is not caring what the scales say
  • Awesome is saying no to restriction, quick fixes, and magic beans
  • Awesome is being in control of your food choices
  • Awesome if feeling strong, powerful, fit and healthy regardless to your size or weight
  • Awesome is accepting, respecting and celebrating your body.

We provide Personal Training and Coaching, for people who are done with restrictive diets, punishing exercise regimes and generally feeling pretty rubbish about themselves and who are ready to discover a life in which they feel positive and in control.

All our coaches and PTs have experience of; living in bigger bodies, disordered eating, eating disorders or mental health disorders and are therefore incredibly patient and understanding to every individuals needs.

No quick fixes, no empty promises, no restriction, no criticism, judgement or punishment. Just friendly support from people who understand.