Our ethos

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Awesome isn’t measured in pounds

  • Awesome is not caring what the scales say
  • Awesome is loving yourself
  • Awesome is saying no to restriction, quick fixes, and magic beans
  • Awesome is being in control of your food choices
  • Awesome if feeling strong, powerful, fit and healthy regardless to your size or weight
  • Awesome is being part of team of like minded individuals, who support and encourage you
  • Awesome is celebrating your body and appreciating the amazing things it can do
  • Awesome is understanding healthy eating, so you can break free from dieting

And that is exactly what we do: we help people feel awesome.We provide realistic, sensible, honest advice to help you create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. And we encourage you to do this through small achievable changes. No quick fixes, no empty promises, no restriction, no criticism, judgement or punishment. Just friendly support from people who understand.