Good Morning Team,
We’ve all been there, right? Felt like we are getting nowhere, like we have a hit a wall and our DIET and our army like exercise regime isn’t achievable or enjoyable after all. Well never fear, we are here to provide you with some #MONDAYMOTIVATION and remind you that you are not alone. In fact, our very own blogger and all round awesome pal of SetUfree fitness- Maria, has experienced those seem feelings of doubt. Now Maria is well on her way to reaching a level of vitality that means a happy and healthy life. She is living a balanced life style and that’s wonderful! Here is Maria’s story. . .
“I’ve tried every stupid fad diet going and successfully lost at least a little bit of weight every time but I’ve never kept it off for any length of time, usually because of a night out or a weekend away would knock me off course and I’d give up.
Like many women I had a mindset that meant I was either “on it” and 100% following my idea of a healthy diet or I wasn’t and I was eating EVERYTHING that came my way. Jennie has taught me that it’s not about being perfect all the time, that life isn’t like that and it’s ok to go out for a meal or to have a few drinks sometimes, it doesn’t mean you have to chuck it all in and eat everything.
It was the same with exercise, I’ve hated all forms of exercise since I was at school – I just assumed I was rubbish at all of it and gave up.  I didn’t like feeling hot and sweaty and uncomfortable and I especially don’t like not being good at things so I just didn’t bother.  I went through phases of joining gyms or trying to run but it was all about losing weight, I said I was trying to “get fit” but that’s not really what I meant at all, I was punishing myself for eating and as a result I carried on hating it.
Set U Free has changed that though, Jennie makes exercise interesting and fun – I look forward to my sessions now, I’m going to the gym with a friend, not some scary PT.  I honestly never thought that was possible. It turns out I don’t hate exercise at all, I just hated school PE.  I love seeing how I’m progressing and setting myself mini goals and challenges, I even quite enjoy getting sweaty now – it means I’ve had a proper workout and made some progress (though I’m pretty quick to get in the shower afterwards!)”.
So there you have it, we are indeed a team; A team who have all experienced the ups and downs of adopting a new healthy life. We are here to ensure we keep each other on the right course. Maria has achieved so much and we are very proud of her; she has been involved with a few races which is such an incredible change from her past fears of exercise. We will be sharing Maria’s weight loss and health journey so keep your eyes peeled for her next update! Please feel free to PM us, email us or get in contact by tagging us, we are here to help!