Good Morning All,


We hope this blog finds you well. We are so excited to kick off #MotivationalMonday  with this amazing lady! Lucy is one of our bloggers but not only that she is a true inspiration. Five years ago Lucy was suffering with serious health problems; Lucy became ill with gynecological problems only then to discover she had a serious heart defect.  Lucy went on a journey to fix her heart and her mind. Now Lucy is looking to December and her ground breaking surgery but in the mean time enjoying life with a massive smile on her face. Although Lucy faces issues, she is looking to a life beyond surgery. Lucy is a total babe and we are so happy to have her around. She works hard and is a true example of what a positive out look and determination can get you.

Here is a little about Lucy:

“Until this year, in my mind only professional athletes and crazy people training for Ironman races had personal trainers.  Not overweight, unfit women with heart conditions like me.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have foreseen that not only would I be having personal training sessions from a professional trainer, the founder of Set U Free, but I’d also have a scholarship with them!

Jennie had given me so much reassurance that what I needed and wanted to do was possible, even with my health issues and struggles.  I left my first meeting with Set U Free with a strange feeling inside me. It was a glimmer of hope, that I could do this: I could lose weight, get fit and survive heart surgery.  More than that, that I could learn to reattach myself to my body; to be confident and love every aspect of me, stretch marks and all. After a lifetime of hating myself, this was such an overwhelming feeling that I got home and sobbed.  I already felt lighter!

Jennie consistently goes the extra mile for me.  She’s not only given me fitness training but she has been there to support me when I’ve been tempted to binge, she’s listened to me, made me laugh and had faith in my abilities when I haven’t had any for myself.  She’s even helped me with my fear of swimming and taken me out for a long lunch after I’d witnessed a traumatic event.

Definitely the most unexpected and wonderful part of my journey was searching for a trainer and also finding a life-long friend.”

Lucy writes about her trails and tribulations, her highs and lows in an approachable and relateable manner, her blog is a total MUST READ. Let’s all support this hero of a lady!