Hey everyone,

Wow where has January gone! I thought I’d do a bit of an update on how I ended 2015 and how I’m getting on with 2016 so far. I think it’s pretty fair to say that there have been some ups and some downs, but hopefully more ups then downs!

Finishing in style

christmas cat

I guess before telling you about my plans for 2016 you might want to know if and how I survived the festive season. Well, I got myself worked up in a right tizz about Christmas. I was convinced that all my hard work would go out the window and that I’d spend 2 weeks solid just eating whatever I could lay my hands on. In the weeks beforehand Jennie spent some time with me working out strategies for how I could cope, and what I could do in different situations. I decided I’d be happy if I started the New Year having put no more than 2lb on.

Christmas and New Year came and went. I had a great time with friends and family and I didn’t beat myself up about food. I made a determined effort to eat well up until Christmas Eve and I ate whatever I liked on Christmas Day & Boxing Day. The only rule I set myself was that I could eat whatever I liked as long as I was sat at the table to eat it. Doing that meant I avoided nibbling at the chocolates and crisps all day, and I actually enjoyed my meals much more as I wasn’t already full up (it also meant I had room for an extra helping of roast potatoes – win!) I was definitely tempted but I made sure I sat up the other end of the room, away from all the goodies. Only eating at the table definitely helped, and it is a strategy I will use in the future. 

We went out on New Year’s Eve with some friends and I drank far too much Prosecco, but I filled up first with a sensible meal to avoid the dreaded “beer munchies”. I even managed to make my hangover-curing fry up pretty healthy too (though I did eye David’s fried bread quite enviously).

I found getting back to eating healthily really difficult though. We didn’t really have much Christmas food in the house, but I still found myself constantly thinking about it. I have to admit, I did eat a fair bit of it. I tried to make a conscious decision to enjoy it for what it was, but there was definitely some “mindless boredom” eating too. I ended up taking what was left into work and palming it off on my team to get rid of it. I also made sure I kept active with a couple of workouts and plenty of walks. I think that really helped as something I’ve noticed recently is that not only do I feel better when I’m more active but it feels much easier to eat healthily too. It’s almost as it one behaviour breeds the other….


 Small victories still count!

So, since the start of December I’ve lost 9lb, including a 2lb loss over Christmas & New Year!! I’m absolutely delighted with that, especially managing to lose over Christmas rather than the controlled gain I’d planned.  Ever better that I don’t feel like I deprived myself or really went without.

I’m still not the fastest loser but now my fitness is improving as well, I’m starting to see some non-scale victories that prove to me my hard work is showing, and it is worth while.

I admit that some of these may sound a little weird. but they’re all wins to me:

  • I can cross my legs again– Not long ago I couldn’t cross my legs without it being a massive effort and hugely uncomfortable
  • I’ve gone in a hole on my belt
  • I’m much warmer – I suffer really badly from cold hands and feet and, despite the cold weather, I’ve recently hardly noticed it happening at all
  • Lung capacity – don’t get me wrong, I still go bright red and am VERY sweaty when I work out, but I now get my breath back within a couple of minutes at most, I’ve also found that my deeply attractive beetroot red face returns to normal much faster too
  • Elbow fat – ok, I admit this is a bit of a strange one but previously when my arms were straight down by my sides I had a ledge of flab that jutted out above the elbow bone, there’s still flab there but it’s definitely a gentle slope now rather than a full on ledge!



Looking ahead

Perhaps the biggest non scale victory is that I’ve finally found the confidence to do something I’ve wanted to do for years – I’ve signed up to do a triathlon! I’m doing a beginners length one in June, so I’ve got a good few months to do the training. I feel slightly sick every time I think about it I’m also really excited…..


I’ll update you on how my training is going next month, as well as sharing how I manage with 5 days in Berlin next week to celebrate our wedding anniversary (I’m hoping lots of walking will limit the damage caused by beer & bratwurst)

Maria x