As part of our beginners guide to martial arts, we have been looking at some of the different styles, to help you decide which might be best for you. Today we are looking at Kung Fu.

Originate from: China

Physical Style: Ones that hit /Ones that wrestle/ Ones that hit and wrestle

Kung Fu is a striking martial art which originates from China. If you’ve got kids and have watched “Kung Fu Panda” then you might already know that the 5 main styles of Kung Fu are modelled after animals (Tiger, Crane, Monkey, Preying Mantis and Snake).

There are a huge range of different styles of Kung Fu and if you’ve watched any martial arts films from the 70’s and 80’s then you’ll have seen at least some of them.

Kung Fu looks past the physical side of martial arts the most, meaning that the punching and kicking really don’t matter, it’s what you get beyond that. Kung Fu teaches physical and mental toughness as well as connecting with your own spiritual well being. All good martial arts do this, but with Kung Fu having one of the longest histories it focuses on it more than others.

Some of the most keyed in and focused people I have known were Kung Fu instructors, they knew how to settle their minds and really zero in on what was important.

Have you tried Kung Fu? Share your experience in the comments. Or if you are intersted in other types of martial arts check out our other blogs on Karate, Judo and TKD.


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