For the last two weeks we have brought you our beginners guide to martial arts. We have looked at loads of different types of martial arts, to try and help you find a style that will help you achieve your fitness or even wider life goals. Today we are looking at boxing.

Originate from: UK

Physical Style: Ones that hit / Ones that wrestle/ Ones that hit and wrestle

Having looked at a range of martial arts from the Far East now we come back to jolly old England to look at Boxing. This is another striking martial art that focuses on hand strikes, in fact Boxing is so focused on hand strikes that there are only 6 main strikes (although each has variations of each).

Some ‘tradition’ martial arts  instructors look down on Boxing and some say that it’s not even a true martial art. Maybe that comes from it’s more working class origins and the perception of it as being rough and grimy (I’ve never known a boxing gym that doesn’t smell of sweat). But, it is one of the few contact sports in the Olympics, and boxing is an excellent system to learn and massively accessible for those looking to train.

Even if you don’t want to throw yourself into a boxing gym, most leisure centres these days offer Boxercise or Boxfit classes which are simple fitness classes built around boxing techniques. You could also check out some of the Charity Boxing events, where you will get free training in exchange for raising money. Check out Ultra White Collar Boxing.

Have you tried any boxing before? Share your experience in the comments below. Check out our guides to other types of martial arts including: TKD, Jiu-Jitsu and Kung Fu.


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