Goodbye to 2016 (and good riddance)

It felt like everyone I knew was glad to say goodbye to 2016, as the end of the year approached all I could think was; its been awful. My Dad died, we had to have a beloved pet put to sleep a few weeks later, other family members have been seriously ill, and lots of people I care about are having to cope with some really tough times. All of that has been reflected in my eating and fitness.



Highs, lows and progress

I was telling a friend how horrible 2016 had been, and how I just wanted it over and done with she said “I don’t blame you, it has been a real year of highs and lows, hasn’t it?”

Eh? What highs? I can only think of lows.

“What?” she said “You did a TRIATHLON. You completed YORKSHIRE WARRIOR. You’ve lost 2 STONE. You went on holiday and walked over 80 MILES in 5 days FOR FUN. You’re now the kind of weirdo that exercises because YOU ENJOY IT. How can you say there haven’t been any highs?



And she’s absolutely right. There was some good bits of 2016 that I had completely forgotten, but once I’ve stopped to think about it I’m actually pretty proud of what I achieved. Two years ago, at the end of 2014, I was part way through a 6 month stint with a huge metal frame on my leg. I couldn’t walk without crutches, I was massively unfit even before I broke my leg, and sitting around doing nothing for months on end had made that worse – I was dangerously overweight and horribly unhealthy. If you’d have told me that 18 months later I’d complete a triathlon and be exercising for fun I’d have laughed so hard I probably would have fallen off my chair and broken the other leg .


Hello 2017

So yes, I am proud of what I achieved in 2016, and how far I’ve come, and realising that has made me feel more positive about the future and keen to start thinking about how 2017 will be different. Some things are obvious;  I want to get my eating properly back on track and carry on improving my fitness. I’m planning on getting back into doing parkruns regularly. I also want to get back to my previous goals of doing proper push ups and, eventually, pull ups.  So really my biggest challenge for 2017 – I want to get strong, both physically and mentally.


I feel like I’ve been mentally battered by the past few months, and I want to try and make myself more resilient. I’m not quite sure how I’ll do that yet, but I’ve got a few ideas on how I can find out so that’s a good start. As far as getting physically stronger goes, I’m actually quite excited by the idea. I’ve no desire to go down the “female bodybuilder” route, but I do have visions of my excess fat slowly melting away and revealing a lovely shapely body underneath, how good would that be? Plus, the thought of being able to show off by hefting heavy things around without any help is quite appealing too

So I think my summary would be, 2016 was awful but not all bad and 2017 is going to be MUCH better. 2017 is the year for getting strong. What are you planning for 2017?



Maria x

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