There’s so much going on this year already, I’m giddy with excitement!

Well done guys

So many of the set U free crew are already smashing 2016 with some amazing effort and dedication. Massive well done to Maria who came back in the New Year having lost 2lbs! Big high fives to Freya for losing a whopping 13lbs in the first 4 weeks of the year. Also have to say how proud I am of Davinder for her amazing focus on making a healthier lifestyle. Also excited to welcome some new ladies in to the crew: Sarah and Helen have both come to sessions with positive attitude, and great enthusiasm. I know they are both going to achieve their goals this year.

2016 challenges

Speaking of the set U free crew and our exciting year ahead- a team of 10 of us have signed up to do Yorkshire Warrior on 30th April! I’m so proud of all the crew who have signed up, especially Carole, who wasn’t going to let age be an excuse. Carole might be in her late 50s but she has so much strength and determination I have no doubt shell smash through it. We’ll all be having some early Sunday morning sessions in prep – eek!

On top of this, I have signed up to do a personal challenge- a charity boxing match! As all the set U free crew know, I love to smash the pads about. I think boxing is both amazing fitness, and the best therapy when you had a bad day! But for various reasons I have never actually got in the ring. So, I’m really excited to mix up my own fitness regime with lots of extra boxing training, but also really nervous about fight night in April. Hopefully I will also get loads of new ideas and combos to share with the crew in sessions- I know how much you guys love a bit of pad work.

Jennies on-going journey

January was such a busy month for me personally and professionally. It was both mine, and my chaps birthdays. We enjoyed a great meal at Bibis for his birthday, where I played it good with soup, a nice fish platter and a banana split. Then we had an amazing steak lunch at Gauchos for my birthday. I went for a delicious lean rump steak, with a side of pumpkin. We shared a very naughty dessert- but that’s what life’s about. I’ve learnt in life I would rather enjoy a little bit of really good food, than shovel loads of rubbish. Of course this was all washed down with a good helping of red wine and a few cocktails with some of the set U free crew.

cocktails with some of the set U free crew

Celebratory cocktails with some of the set U free crew

But, the treats will be reigned in for a few weeks now, as I have another photo shoot! (Check me loving the life of a celeb, hehe) I’ve been given another fantastic opportunity to share my story. I never so no to this, as I remember reading about peoples weight loss journeys and being so inspired. I just hope that sharing my experiences might help inspire more people on their journeys. This time it’s for the monthly magazine of a massive national weight loss organisation that’s pretty close to my heart 😉 But more news on that in my next update.

I hope 2016 has started for you all with as much awesome news, opportunity and general merriment as mine. Here’s to the best year yet

Jennie x

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