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Getting started is the hardest and scariest part. We know you will have lots of questions. Below are some of the questions we get frequently asked, but feel free to call, text or email us to discuss your personal circumstances, your goals and how we can help you. 


I have never been to a gym or a fitness class before.

Perfect, set U free has been specially created to help people like you. We will introduce you to exercise by starting with the very, very basics and then building up at a pace that suits you.

I am really, really unfit!

That is fine, it doesn’t matter what your base level of fitness is or how active your lifestyle is now. The purpose of set U free is not to give you a ridiculously tough work out that will leave you in pain. We want you to enjoy getting active and take things at your pace.

Is it just for beginners?

No, we specialise in helping people who are new to exercise, but if you already have some level of fitness or experience of exercise then that is great too.  Your set U free personal trainer can help you plan new goals and provide motivation and support to help you achieve them.

I have pre-existing medical conditions.

Getting active can help improve a lot of medical conditions. We will ask about any injuries and pre-existing medical conditions during your first visit so we can safely plan your sessions. All participants are required to complete a medical questionnaire. If you have certain medical conditions then you will need to consult your doctor before taking part. If you have any concerns then please call us to discuss in advance.

What sort of things will I be doing in one-to-one sessions?

At the very start of your journey you will have an ‘on-boarding session’ with your set U free personal trainer.  This is a friendly chat to discuss what you want to achieve, your past experiences, your concerns and worries, and any limitations or restrictions you have. From that chat your PT will get an idea of the kinds of things you like and can start to personalise your sessions. Activity sessions are planned to help improve your everyday health and fitness, using movements based on the things we do in everyday situations: walking, lifting, carrying, getting up and down etc.

Will it be hard?

At times yes, some hard work is required, but you will never be pushed into doing anything that doesn’t feel safe or comfortable for you.

Do I have to wear ‘gym clothes’

Nope – wear whatever you are comfortable to move around in. Old t-shirts, jogging bottoms, trackies or leggings. Just don’t wear jeans and make sure you have some form of trainers or sports shoes on.

How long are the sessions?

One-to-one activity sessions are 50 minutes.

Can I use the studio in between my sessions? 

To keep the studio private, we don’t allow anyone to come use the space in between sessions. But we will work with you to plan ways you can stay active in between sessions if you wish to.