Small victories

Now that my fat loss is getting a bit more obvious, people are starting to notice. I say fat loss rather than weight loss as I’ve only lost about 30lb in 18 months but even I can see that it looks like I’ve lost more and I’m pretty sure that’s because the work Jennie has been doing with me to get me fitter and build muscle is paying off.

I’ve earned those compliments!

I’m trying to be more gracious about the compliments but they definitely freaked me out a bit at first, in common with lots of women my default response to a compliment was always to brush it off as unimportant. But then I thought I’m working hard to get fitter and I’m working hard to lose weight, why should I deny that? It’s great that people are noticing so I’ve been making an effort to smile and say “Thank You” when someone says something nice to me.


Non Scale Victories

As well as compliments, I’ve been keeping track of some of my non scale victories. It’s a while since I’ve sat down and thought about these but there have been a few recently:
· I’ve gone in another hole on my belt

· I’ve had to adjust the strap on my Fitbit as it kept falling down my arm

· My engagement ring keeps slipping round my finger and I can get my wedding ring off without the aid of hand lotion & brute force

· I ordered a whole load of holiday clothes online and had to send every single item back as it was too big (that was a good one)

· I’ve started being able to feel random muscles in my arms/legs/shoulders (sometimes I can even see them!)

And the weird one:
· I’ve stopped walking to the end of a row at the car park because all of a sudden I can fit between (most!) parked cars




Why is everyone being nice to me?

I’ve also started noticing that more people are being friendly towards me and including me in conversations at work, I noticed I’m being invited out to more social events and I even noticed that my husband is being more affectionate towards me and it’s been making me REALLY uncomfortable. What is wrong with all these people? Are they really so shallow that they think the fact I’ve lost a couple of stone makes me a better person? That I’m now more socially acceptable because I weigh a bit less? I was shocked, I’ve seen a lot about “fat-shaming” in the media recently and now, here am I experiencing a form of it in real life.

Then my husband made a passing comment about me being a bit wound up when I’ve been so much more relaxed recently and I suddenly realised – it’s not everyone treating me differently because I’ve lost a bit of weight, it’s because I’m BEHAVING differently. I’ve been fat-shaming MYSELF for years. I’m happier with myself and that’s reflected in how I act and what I do, I’m being included in more conversations because I’m more approachable and willing to join in, David is more affectionate towards me because I’ve been more affectionate towards him. It’s scary to realise what a massive impact my weight has been having on every part of my life, I’m looking forward to seeing what else changes as I get closer to my goal.

Finally, it’s now less than 2 weeks until my triathlon and I feel…. ok actually. I’ll do a full “debrief” on how it went in my next update but I don’t feel as nervous as I expected, I’m definitely still terrified but that’s mainly because I’m a bit anal about not knowing what to expect. What I’m not worrying about is whether I can do it or not. I know I can. Barring a terrible wetsuit related disaster (I am still a bit worried about the wetsuit!) or me falling off the bike & breaking my neck I’m confident I’ll get round because for once in my life I’ve done the groundwork and trained properly and I’m pretty proud of that whatever happens :-)