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Fitbit buying guide

Starting to think about getting more active in the New Year? Thinking a Fitbit might help give you a boost? Read on to find out, if an activity tracker will help you achieve your fitness goals, and if so, which is the right one for you? What is a Fitbit? Fitness trackers are getting more […]

5 tips to avoid overindulging this Christmas

Maybe you feel it already too late, Christmas is here and you have put your  healthy habits on hold until January 1st. But it’s never too late, and staying a bit more mindful and in control over the festive period will help make sure you kick-start the new year feeling awesome. 1. Avoid the Quality Street! […]

You are probably fitter than you think.

When I tell people I work in health and fitness, about half of them reply with; oh my god, I am soooo unfit. But what does unfit even mean? Unfit for what? Unfit for purpose? Unfit to exercise? Nobody is totally unfit. You might not be as fit as you used to be, you might […]

Healthy Habits on Holiday?

Do you keep up your healthy habits on holiday, or do you blow out and enjoy yourself? For me, I like to compromise: balancing a few extra treats without losing sight of my principals. As I pack up to come home from sunny Cuba I am definitely feeling a little softer around the tummy, but […]

Have you lost weight? (How to take a compliment)

If you have been working hard trying to lose weight or stepping up your exercise then you will most likely be seeing the benefits, and soon others will notice too. It is a great feeling when someone pays you a compliment, but it can also feel a little awkward and embarrassing knowing how to respond. […]

Do you need a diet break?

For many of us, today is the first day back after a wonderful 4 day weekend. Whilst a few extra days off work brings us a chance to relax, for those trying to lose weight festive celebration like Easter can be a challenging and stressful time. With temptation at every corner it can be difficult […]

Don’t be fooled or disheartened by the hype of magic beans!

Everywhere we look today there are promises of quick weight loss, miracle results in no time, with no effort. Many of us in our weaker, more desperate moments have fallen for their hype, and we have found ourselves conned and disappointed. Yet we still find ourselves curiously examining the next promise of a miracle fix. […]

Top Tips for sticking to your New Years Resolutions

Thanks to my 2012 New Year resolution I have discovered loads of great independent places to eat. Like LS6 Cafe in Headingley- one of my favourite places for breakfast. Happy New Year everyone. I’m never sure where I stand on New Year’s resolutions. In one moment I think; why wait until the New Year to […]