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Lent is not a health fad

So tomorrow marks the start of Lent for many Christians. A time for prayer, repentance, fasting and forgiveness as they mourn the death of Jesus and prepare to celebrate his resurrection. Or in modern, non-Christian world; a time when many people give up stuff for 46 days in the hope it might give their healthy […]

5 tips for sticking to New Year Resolutions

If you are already struggling to keep up you New Years Resolutions, then you are not alone. According to research 66% of us will have given up on our New Year Resolutions by the end of January. The three most common New Years goals are ‘Lose weight’ ‘get fitter’ and ‘eat more healthy’ but are […]

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle on Holiday

We have been feeling really inspired by head PT and set U free fitness founder Jennie Gadsby while she was on holiday in Las Vegas last week. We have been excitedly watching her Instagram page to see how she stayed fit and motivated while away in the indulgence capital of the world – Sin City. We saw lots […]

Behind The Scenes- Photo Shoot

Hey everyone,   We hope everyone is keeping well! We have some very exciting stuff going on at the moment and we simply had to share it with you, wonderful people. We are putting together the final touches of our merchandise release! We will be bringing you all the information very soon, it is all […]

Meet Our Team- Maria The Blogger

Good Morning Team, We’ve all been there, right? Felt like we are getting nowhere, like we have a hit a wall and our DIET and our army like exercise regime isn’t achievable or enjoyable after all. Well never fear, we are here to provide you with some #MONDAYMOTIVATION and remind you that you are not […]

Meet Our Team- Lucy The Blogger

Good Morning All, We hope this blog finds you well. We are so excited to kick off #MotivationalMonday  with this amazing lady! Lucy is one of our bloggers but not only that she is a true inspiration. Five years ago Lucy was suffering with serious health problems; Lucy became ill with gynecological problems only then […]

Amazing Story From Genan. Make Little Changes For Long Term Results.

Meet Genan, a proud SetUfree gal. She is a real inspiration and a great example of the implementation of simple changes to achieve long term results. No crash diets, no working out like an Olympian, just progress and a few steps in the direction on genuine health. Jenny tells us the story: “Genan started at […]

How ‘starting again’ might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts

 “I’ll get back on it tomorrow…”  “I’ve lost control, I need to start again”   “Tomorrow is a fresh a start” Who has said one of these this weekend?  Well don’t, it could be these little sayings which are sabotaging your long term weight loss efforts. We hear people talk about: ‘it’s not a diet, itR...

3 health and fitness apps to keep you on track

Health and fitness apps are a fun and affordable way to give your fitness regime a boost and help you achieve your goals. Fitness apps can broadly be split into 2 categories – those that track or measure you doing something and ones which coach you or teach you something to improve your fitness or […]

3 lifestyle changing lessons I learnt

Any time of the year is a great time to make changes for the future, but its is also a good opportunity to look back over what you have learnt and achieved in the year gone by. Before making resolutions, why not take a moment to reflect on how far you have come over the […]