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What happens after you achieve a goal? Maria’s August Update

Ever achieved a goal, then hit a bit of a slump? Suddenly felt unmotivated? Well that was me after the Triathlon. I’d achieved my goal and though I was happy I did it, I quickly felt a bit disconnected. So I need to set a new goal then? Training, preparing, worrying and boring everyone about the traithlon took […]

Tubby Triathlete Triumphs – Maria’s July Update

The tubby triathlete triumphs! After more than 6 months of training, worrying, surfing the internet for “tips” and spending huge amounts of money on kit I don’t need, I’ve finally done my first triathlon!!  How was it? Well, the swim was OK, the bike ride was great, and the run was awful, but overall I […]

She (eventually) believed she could so she did – Maria’s May Update

In my case she didn’t believe she could, but she still did. As I’m writing this my shoulders ache, my arms feel like I’ve been lifting weights for 24hrs straight, I’m covered in cuts, grazes and bruises and, despite 2 baths and several showers, my toenails look like I’ve had an attractive mud coloured pedicure. […]

Consistency works (until you get flu) – Maria’s April Update

Consistency actually works After a few ups and downs recently, I’ve had a bit of a surprise this month. You know that old line about “consistency is the key to success”, well it turns out that it is actually true, I have seen it, an it feels great. But even when you believe it, it can […]

The Ups and Downs of pants: Maria’s March Update

Its been a busy month of ups and downs and pants. There’s been lots going on (good and bad) and at first I didn’t think I’d made much progress with my weight loss this month, but when I stopped and really thought about it I realised that I have made some good “mental” progress and that is […]