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The real reason people get angry about vegans (from a carnivore)

Think yourself a level headed and liberal person, yet find yourself getting frustrated at the growing trend for veganism? Is it their picky demands, smug sense of self-righteousness and moral superiority? Or is it something else? Much like election time when everyone seems to become a political expert (and keyboard activist) as soon as the […]

Martial Arts Guide: Kung Fu

As part of our beginners guide to martial arts, we have been looking at some of the different styles, to help you decide which might be best for you. Today we are looking at Kung Fu. Originate from: China Physical Style: Ones that hit /Ones that wrestle/ Ones that hit and wrestle Kung Fu is a […]

Martial Arts Guide: Tae Kwon Do

So far  as art of our beginners guide to martial arts, we have looked at Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitu. So  now we are moving from Japan over to Korea to look at Tae Kwon Do (or Taekwondo or TKD). Originate from: Korea Physical style: ones that hit/ ones that wrestle/ ones that hit & wrestle […]

Martial Arts Guide: Judo

As part of our two week guide to martial arts, we are giving a brief introduction to some of the most popular styles, to help you find the right martial arts for you. Today we are looking at Judo. Originates from: Japan Physical style: ones that hit/ ones that wrestle/ ones that hit and wrestle A lot of […]

Martial Arts Guide: Karate

Over the last few days, we have been talking about what is martial arts and which is best. So now it’s time to help you find the right one for you. Each day for the next week, I will post a short guide to one type of Marital Arts. Today we are looking at Karate! Originates […]

Martial Arts: which is best?

Which is the best martial arts? Short answer, none. Or a better answer would be “best at what?” Martial arts are like cars, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses and more importantly their own purposes behind what they do. My father-in-law uses a great stonking Ford truck to pull his tractor, but then […]

Martial Arts: not just kicking and punching

Martial Arts is lots of things  What do you think of when someone says “Martial Arts”? Is it the image of people in white suits and black belts going through complicated movements, or is it more the sweat and grime of 2 people knocking lumps out of each other in a cage? Maybe you just […]

Lent is not a health fad

So tomorrow marks the start of Lent for many Christians. A time for prayer, repentance, fasting and forgiveness as they mourn the death of Jesus and prepare to celebrate his resurrection. Or in modern, non-Christian world; a time when many people give up stuff for 46 days in the hope it might give their healthy […]

Breakfast cereal and body confidence: Maria’s July update

Years ago when I was a kid, I remember a TV ad for a diet breakfast cereal that had the slogan “If you can pinch more than in inch….” The implication being that if you could pinch more than in inch, then you needed to eat this cereal and lose weight. Even as a kid I […]

My love hate relationship with running- Maria’s May Update

I want to be ‘a runner’. The sort of person who just gets up and casually decides to go out for a run. You know the type who knocks out a casual 10k before work with no effort at all, and wears t-shirts with slogans about how running is their therapy. Sadly, despite best intentions […]