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Meet Our Team- Maria The Blogger

Good Morning Team, We’ve all been there, right? Felt like we are getting nowhere, like we have a hit a wall and our DIET and our army like exercise regime isn’t achievable or enjoyable after all. Well never fear, we are here to provide you with some #MONDAYMOTIVATION and remind you that you are not […]

Meet Our Team- Lucy The Blogger

Good Morning All, We hope this blog finds you well. We are so excited to kick off #MotivationalMonday  with this amazing lady! Lucy is one of our bloggers but not only that she is a true inspiration. Five years ago Lucy was suffering with serious health problems; Lucy became ill with gynecological problems only then […]

Amazing Story From Genan. Make Little Changes For Long Term Results.

Meet Genan, a proud SetUfree gal. She is a real inspiration and a great example of the implementation of simple changes to achieve long term results. No crash diets, no working out like an Olympian, just progress and a few steps in the direction on genuine health. Jenny tells us the story: “Genan started at […]

How ‘starting again’ might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts

 “I’ll get back on it tomorrow…”  “I’ve lost control, I need to start again”   “Tomorrow is a fresh a start” Who has said one of these this weekend?  Well don’t, it could be these little sayings which are sabotaging your long term weight loss efforts. We hear people talk about: ‘it’s not a diet, itR...

Weigh everyday scales experiment – the results

Weighing myself everyday quickly became obsessive and led to binge eating, doubting healthy choices, and hating my body. The weigh everyday experiment  So I set myself the challenge in March to weigh everyday. I wanted see how much the numbers varied, and hopefully help more people realise that weight is not always the best measure […]

3 health and fitness apps to keep you on track

Health and fitness apps are a fun and affordable way to give your fitness regime a boost and help you achieve your goals. Fitness apps can broadly be split into 2 categories – those that track or measure you doing something and ones which coach you or teach you something to improve your fitness or […]

5 tips to avoid overindulging this Christmas

Maybe you feel it already too late, Christmas is here and you have put your  healthy habits on hold until January 1st. But it’s never too late, and staying a bit more mindful and in control over the festive period will help make sure you kick-start the new year feeling awesome. 1. Avoid the Quality Street! […]

Healthy living lessons from down under

I have been here in Sydney for just over a week. Usually as I pack up to come home from a holiday I would be feeling the softening and swelling consequences of a few too many treats, but not here down under. If anything I have felt more encouraged to eat well and move more. […]

Healthy Habits on Holiday?

Do you keep up your healthy habits on holiday, or do you blow out and enjoy yourself? For me, I like to compromise: balancing a few extra treats without losing sight of my principals. As I pack up to come home from sunny Cuba I am definitely feeling a little softer around the tummy, but […]

Do you need a diet break?

For many of us, today is the first day back after a wonderful 4 day weekend. Whilst a few extra days off work brings us a chance to relax, for those trying to lose weight festive celebration like Easter can be a challenging and stressful time. With temptation at every corner it can be difficult […]