Hey everyone,


We hope everyone is keeping well! We have some very exciting stuff going on at the moment and we simply had to share it with you, wonderful people. We are putting together the final touches of our merchandise release! We will be bringing you all the information very soon, it is all very top secret of course! We want to make sure #TeamSetUFree only get the best of the best.

We thought we would take this opportunity to thank all the lovely ladies who took part in the photo shoot. It was an amazing day, we had such a giggle and it was brilliant to see how much SetUFree means. The shoot began with our lovely ladies trying on some of our new merchandise and modeling it better than Naomi Cambell ever could, showing Kate Moss how it is done by real, awesome and strong women. Throughout the day the ladies told us what they have learned on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and how SetUFree has helped them on their path- these stories we will be sharing with you over the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy having a sneaky peak at these images, watch this space and stay tuned and you can get your hands on our new merch very soon!


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