Florida here I come, the land of Baywatch babes and short shorts. Am I off to patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County and heroically save innocent members of the public from sharks, earthquakes, serial killers and, just occasionally, the sea? Am I eloping with David Hasselhoff? Am I bringing out my own range of teeny tiny hotpants? Well no, you’ll be surprised to hear, I’m not. I’m going on a family holiday- still excited.


Love holidays, hate buying holiday clothes

I’m going to Florida for a big family holiday and I can’t wait. Whenever I go on holiday it requires a fair bit of “wardrobe evaluating” to logically and rationally decide what to take with me and what I might need to buy. With logic and rationing out the window I typically hate all my clothes, decide I look horrible in them all and end up buying a whole new suitcase full to take (most of which I will still hate and feel horrible in).


With this attitude my default holiday clothes tend to be things like combat trousers and t shirts in darker muddy colours, because I don’t want to show my legs and I definitely don’t want to show my arms. Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I might brave three quarter length combats. Basically, things I can hide in, and be as unobtrusive as possible


But something strange has happened. I saw a pair of flowery trousers I really liked.  I’ve never considered flowery trousers something I’d wear because they’re not “slimming”. Dark and plain is slimming, not flowery. But in an act of stupidity/ bravery or foolishness I decided to try them on. I tried them on and they looked pretty good, so much to my own surprise I bought them.

Then I went into another shop and spotted a jumpsuit I liked. I don’t “do” outfits like jumpsuits. Just not me. Or so I thought. I tried it on, liked it, wore it to my best friend’s wedding! Change is afoot.


(Not really) Short Shorts and Swimsuits

Then the same happened with some shorts, I can honestly say the last time I wore shorts I was probably at school, but something just clicked, why shouldn’t I wear shorts? Who cares what I look like? I’m pretty sure I’ll look better than I think I do and even if I don’t – so what? So I bought some shorts, ok they’re not short shorts but I like them.

Then it was the piece de resistance – new swimsuit time. Now don’t get carried away… I didn’t buy a bikini, I’m a little way off that yet. But what I did do surprised me almost as much. I always buy a black or navy swimsuit. I always look for one that covers as much of me as humanly possible and I always hate every second I’m wearing it.

This time I came home with a bright red swimsuit, ok it’s not quite Baywatch style but compared to my usual type of purchase it might as well be. What’s really strange though is that I didn’t even think about what I’d usually buy, I just picked the red one because it was the one I liked the best. Nothing else really occurred to me.


Is it a mindset change?

So what’s going on? I’m not really sure, it’s not like I’ve suddenly lost loads more weight and therefore feel I can suddenly wear all this stuff. I’ve just started thinking that I don’t need to hide myself away.  The only thing I can put it down to is that maybe, just maybe, my efforts at cutting down on the negative self talk and effort to think more positively are having an effect on my body image. I’ve not noticed it any other part of my life yet but here’s hoping it’s the start of something…..

Maria x

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