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Hypnobirthing: is it any good?

  Hypnobirthing is growing in popularity amongst parents to be, but is it any good? Or is it just middle class hippie mumbo-jumbo nonsense? As a 30 something down-to-earth Yorkshire girl I wasn’t sure hypnobirthing was right for me, I thought it was just for hippies and celebreties. But after lots of recommnedations from mum-friends […]

Top-Tips for Managing Morning Sickness

Top Tips for Managing Morning Sickness Morning sickness came as a bit of a shock to me. I’ve never really had problems with hormones or PMS, so I didn’t think it would bother me. How wrong I was! From just 5 weeks, I was struck with nausea like I have never known. I was in […]

Why Most New Years Resolutions Fail

Did you know that most people will give up on their New Year Resolution in under 3 weeks.  Why do most people fail? Well its actually nothing to do with willpower and all to do with setting the right goals, having realistic expectations and the right support. Which is why we have put together our […]

A decade of dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders.

2009 vs 2019 So I’ve seen lots of people doing the decade comparison on social media. I’m rubbish at knowing where I was when, so I did a bit of scrolling and this shocked me! 2010s were literally a decade of eating disorders for me. 2009 is the year I got to ‘goal weight’ after […]

Why You Should Think Of Your Body Like Your Car.

  My top tip for body acceptance: think of your body like your car. You don’t have to love everything about it and it doesn’t have to be a top line sports car for you to appreciate it. Much like bodies, cars come in all shapes, sizes, ages and performance abilities. Some people are blessed […]

Universal Owners Manual: Your Body.

Many of us treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. Even if we drive a pretty naff old banger, we appreciate it gets us around and so we do the necessary maintenance to keep it road worthy. Unfortunately, the same is not always true for bodies. We long of a better model, but […]

My Experience of Miscarriage: from guilt to grief and worry to hope.

Miscarriage affects so many people and yet the actual experience of it is so rarely discussed openly and honestly. For many women it is simply too painful to talk about. Everyone’s experience is different, but it is often a complicated mish-mash of feelings from sadness to anger, jealousy and even guilt. When I experienced a […]

We are searching for a special Personal Trainer

Who we are, and what we do At set U free fitness we are passionate about helping people who don’t feel comfortable in gyms or who have barriers to exercise. We believe fitness should be fun, and awesome isn’t measured in pounds! From our private studio in Pudsey we provide friendly 1-2-1 and small group […]

Learning To Accept My Changing Pregnant Body

There is no doubt that your body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy, some more obvious than others. Some ladies lap up every moment of it. For others (like myself) it is a bit more a challenge to learn how to accept and enjoy your changing pregnant body.   I was far from glowing […]