If you are already struggling to keep up you New Years Resolutions, then you are not alone. According to research 66% of us will have given up on our New Year Resolutions by the end of January. The three most common New Years goals are ‘Lose weight’ ‘get fitter’ and ‘eat more healthy’ but are these the right goals we should be aiming for? And how do we make this happen? If you are already struggling to stay motivated, then check out our top tips to try keep you on track.


  1. Make it realistic 

Pledging to hit the gym 5 times a week when you already struggle to go once a fortnight is not realistic. Consider how much free time you have, look at your weekly commitments and think where and how you could fit in some extra activity. If you are trying to change your diet, then think what areas could be easily improved. If you always miss breakfast and end up reaching for the biscuit tin before lunch, then why not make your resolution to have a healthy breakfast every day.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time.

Promising yourself to give up booze, chocolate and carbs whilst learning Spanish and spending more time with family is never going to happen and lining yourself up for failure. Make one realistic, simple goal and focus on that. If you are finding it easier than you thought you can always step up your game and add new challenges later on. Better to be improving on one simple goal than failing at lots.

  1. Make it fun.

Way too often we make New Year’s resolution based on restricting, depriving, cutting back or forcing ourselves to do things we really don’t want to. But there is nothing wrong with setting yourself a goal that you might actually enjoy. Wanting to get more active? Why not look up fun classes in your area: ever tried hooping or pole fit? Or why not team up with a friend. Switch out your usual meeting over coffee for a long walk whilst you put the world to rights.

  1. Don’t be afraid to change your plan.

If you are struggling to stick to your New Year resolution then maybe it just needs tweaking. If you’ve been trying to hit the gym 3 times after work, and that is not working out, then why not try get there before work a couple of mornings? Or get out on your lunch break for a power walk.  Changing tactics is better than giving in altogether. Which bring us to the last point.

  1. Remember you’re not defeated when you fail, you are defeated when you quit.

Don’t give in at the first sign of failure. If you been pledging to cut out takeaways, and you cave in to a pizza- so what!  Don’t write off all your hard work to at the first mistake, and don’t beat yourself up about it. Put it behind you and move on.

How are you getting on with  your 2017 New Year Resolutions? 

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Top tips taken from blog posted in January 2015