Any time of the year is a great time to make changes for the future, but its is also a good opportunity to look back over what you have learnt and achieved in the year gone by. Before making resolutions, why not take a moment to reflect on how far you have come over the last year. Here are three simple lessons I learnt which have helped me form a happier and healthier lifestyle.

1. Talking helps

If you were trying to go somewhere you have never been before and you got lost, you would stop and ask for directions. For many of us, creating a healthier, lifestyle is a long journey full of new discoveries, and a few wrong turns. Yet when we struggle, or lose our way we are too embarrassed to ask for help. I have spent years helping others make healthier, happier lives for themselves whilst trying to fight my own internal battles. This year, I sought help for the first time. I reached out and asked for support. I was amazed how quickly I became comfortable talking about problems and how much it helped in finding a way to deal with them. Never again will I travel the journey alone. Let others on board to help when the journey is tough.

 2. Your healthy lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of having a life

I spent years trying to maintain a weight my body obviously didn’t want to be. I sacrificed my social life to get into size 8s. I’m now a happier and healthier size 10. I still have to be mindful of what I eat, but I can enjoy cake with my gran, wine with the girls and dinners out with my partner, without worrying how many miles I will have to run to burn it off. If your healthy lifestyle has got in the way of enjoying your life then maybe it is time to reassess your priorities.

 3. Talk about yourself the way you would talk about your best friend

You wouldn’t dream of turning to your best friend and telling them they are a failure for eating a biscuit, yet we are so quick to belittle ourselves for a simple mistake. Call yourself a miserable, fat failure enough and you will not only believe it but live up to it. I was always quick to criticise myself for sneaking a biscuit, I would fester in my ‘mistake’ making myself feel utterly rubbish. This only ever ended one way; back in the biscuit tin. And so begins the downwards spiral. Focus on the things you are doing well, stay positive and forgive yourself, nobody is perfect not me, not your best friend, not you.

What has been your greatest achievements on your weight loss journey? What lessons have you learnt to help you on your journey?

Jennie x 



I am Jennie, former big girl turned personal trainer. I started set U free fitness based on my own difficulty experiences of losing weight, and then maintaining that weight loss in a safe and healthy way.  If you want to come and join the set U free crew, and start your own amazing journey to becoming a healthier, happier you, then get in touch, or check out the website for ways we can help.

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