Monthly Archives: March, 2016

How ‘starting again’ might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts

 “I’ll get back on it tomorrow…”  “I’ve lost control, I need to start again”   “Tomorrow is a fresh a start” Who has said one of these this weekend?  Well don’t, it could be these little sayings which are sabotaging your long term weight loss efforts. We hear people talk about: ‘it’s not a diet, itR...

Weigh everyday scales experiment – the results

Weighing myself everyday quickly became obsessive and led to binge eating, doubting healthy choices, and hating my body. The weigh everyday experiment  So I set myself the challenge in March to weigh everyday. I wanted see how much the numbers varied, and hopefully help more people realise that weight is not always the best measure […]

The Ups and Downs of pants: Maria’s March Update

Its been a busy month of ups and downs and pants. There’s been lots going on (good and bad) and at first I didn’t think I’d made much progress with my weight loss this month, but when I stopped and really thought about it I realised that I have made some good “mental” progress and that is […]

What happens when you weigh everyday?

Throughout March I am going to weigh everyday, 4 times a day Read on to find out why Why am I going to weigh everyday?  We have a motto here at set U free: “Awesome Isn’t Measured in Pounds” People often ask me what it means, and I tell them that I have weighed 9 stone and […]