Monthly Archives: March, 2015

What to do when the scales lie

Ever had that moment when we get on the scales and we are expecting one thing, then it tells us something completely different? Surely they must be lying, there is no way after all our efforts it can be that?!  It can be infuriating, embarrassing, confusing and upsetting, and worst of all, it makes our […]

Don’t be fooled or disheartened by the hype of magic beans!

Everywhere we look today there are promises of quick weight loss, miracle results in no time, with no effort. Many of us in our weaker, more desperate moments have fallen for their hype, and we have found ourselves conned and disappointed. Yet we still find ourselves curiously examining the next promise of a miracle fix. […]

Tackling emotional eating

Emotional eating is still a taboo subject, it can feel embarrassing, shameful and even ridiculous to admit to. So I am laying it out there, straight and honest and logical to help find ways to tackle it. In my last blog post I started thinking about how good decisions seems to lead to feeling good, […]

Good decisions are contagious: bad decisions are infectious.

Trying to change your lifestyle, diet or eating habits is never easy. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just improve your health, there will be high and lows along the way. If you have ever attempted to change your lifestyle then I am sure you will have experienced it: some days you are […]